Stem Cell Engineering

The Stem Cell Society Singapore held its 3rd Annual Symposium on 17-18 November 2011 at the Biopolis, Singapore. Close to 300 international and local investigators from 18 countries, spanning from basic research to pharma and biotech companies came together to discuss latest developments and applications in stem cell engineering.

Sameul I Stupp from Northwestern University was our keynote speaker. Joining the team of experts were presenters from USA - Shay Soker, UK - Malcolm Alison, Europe - Matthias Lutolf, New Zealand - Alan Davidson, Australia - Nadia Rosenthal, Japan - Fumio Matsuzaki, Korea - Kim Dong-Wook, and Singapore - Alan Colman and William Hwang.

Session topics included Disease Modeling, Directed Differentiation, Tissue Regeneration, and The Engineered Niche.

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SCSS Symposium 2011